You got my back

I feel terrible, The most desperate situation I’ve been in it
When I was in 9th grade My mother said “You have to be focus because this is your last chance to study very well so you have to move to Kota Baru” and the I said okay because in Kota Baru there’s no wifi or any facilities that I need to refresh my mind except Cycling, go to park, or play video games so that I have to go to school and go back home all by myself except it's more than 8. One day after I taking my last class in my course, I am panically run to the bus station and then wait for the bus after I get into the bus 05.00 clock because the road is boring, the music is fun but my mood is bad so I feel asleep because on that day I have a physics subject, Try out national exam and additional lesson in my course. From Bandung to Kota Baru it cost 8 thousand rupiah and a 2 hours trip. I fell asleep till the bus stop on it’s own headquarters.  HOW LUCKY I AM the bus headquarters is’nt in Bandung so the bus driver wake me u…

Stranger Become Friend

One day in an airport…
Achmad               : “Hi, where will you go?” Dara                     : “Hello, I will go to Bandung, and you?” Achmad               : “Really? Me too! What plane are you on?” Dara                     : “I’m on Fivelas plane.” Achmad               : “For God sake? We are on the same plane!” Dara                     : “By the way, what’s your name? Mine is Dara” Achmad               : “I’m Achmad.”
*announcement:  “Attention please, passenger of Fivelas plane on flight number FP842 please proceed to the aircraft.”
Dara                     : “Hey listen! It’s time for us to get in the plane.” Achmad               : “Sure, let’s go!”
 *in the plane*
Achmad               : “What is your seat number?” Dara                     : “I’m on E8. How about you?” Achmad               : “Mine is E9.” Dara                     : “Those are our seat!” *pointing* Achmad               : “You are right Dara!”
Dara                     : “What will you do in Bandung?” Achma…

About Me

Well First...

My name is Achmad Moersyid Soejiwo (it feels like 90's when you see that "oe" in my name) you can call me Achmad, Acmac or Ucid. They call me "Ucid" because I can't spell "Moersyid" when i was a kid. I was born in Cimahi in my grandma's house on 2nd of July 2002 ,I have two elder Bro & Sis.
I am a funny, crazy, adorable kinda person. From all of my friend some of them called me drag but i'm not i'm actually doing that for making people let go their bad mood to a better mood. Maybe they don't know why am i doing all of this or maybe they don't care, but here i am a completely funny and crazy Achmad as u guys can see. I'm confident and btw i don't care about what other people says or talk because this is me and i'm proud of it. Here's a fun fact about me : My mom realize that she was pregnant when i was already 3 months old in her belly because My Big Family said it was a tumour.My brother is 20 …