Event : [TUAN DIRGA]


So this event is held on 19th of august 2017 this event is held to commomerate the independence day.
Tuan Dirga is an abbreviation of "Tujuh Puluh Dua Tahun Dirgahayu Indonesia". There are so many games , the games that provided in here is traditional games and i think this event is really makes us know how the team work and how to improve our nationality because this event is held because "we" as a citizen of indonesia we have to respect our hero for all of their tears, blood, and sweat just for our independence.
AND MY CLASS IS THE 3rd Winner in this competition. I think this competition is very fun because me and my friend have a good time and we are enjoying this event like this is our event. Besides of that this event makes my class more close, fun, and creative.
I'm so sorry if my grammar's wrong thanks guys!

The Red Shoes [short stories]

Once upon a time there was a king who had twelve beautiful daughters. The strange thing about them was that every morning their shoes were found to be worn off as if they had been dancing all night. The king was puzzled and announced that whoever would find out where the princesses went every night could marry anyone of them. Many kings came to try their luck but they all failed to find the secret. An old soldier heard about this and decided to try his luck. He went to a sorceress, who gave him a cloak that would make him invisible. She also warned him not to drink the wine, which one of the princesses would bring for him. Then the soldier went to the king. The king received him with full honour. At night, a feast was organised where the princesses served wine to him. He secretly threw away the wine and pretended to be asleep. The princesses, thinking that the soldier was asleep, went underground through a trap door. The soldier put on the cloak that would make him invisible and followe…

Advertisement w/ Nadira Natania

Well Hello there!!
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Videos ;


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Event : Anaghata Abhipraya [GATHAPRAYA]

long time no post gal

So in this post i'll explain you about an event that contain traditional art with some modern touch. So My school is held a festival called Gathapraya. Gathapraya is taken from sansekerta word Anagatha and Abhipraya that means "wishes for the future". In this event i'm not come as an audience but as a committe. I'm working on an decoration .My sub division is making this event mascot, cepot. Cepot is Sundanese traditional puppet, his skin colour is red and he is always smiling, i don't know why but in my opinion cepot is the funniest puppet ever!.

In this event there are some performer like hivi with their lovely song, elephant kind with the indie rock genre, nidji that shows up with their energic style, Didik Ninik Thowok with the 2 face dance, Vina candrawati that paint with the sand, and ofcourse giri harja that bring the cepot with the puppet shows.

This event is annual event and this event is the 4th event of Festival seni, sastra, …

Any Plan?

Achmad : "Hi Guys! How are you today?" Dara       : "I'm good!" Yasmine : "Hi! don't you realize it's already a week left to our holiday?" Dara       : "That's right! Do you have any plan?" Achmad : "I think i'm going to the unicorn ice cream store because it's has a different                           theme from the other store or going Savana in Africa it would be cool!" Yasmine : "That's sounds interesting! I've never heard of that kind of store. Where is it?" Achmad : "You haven't been there? Dara been there twice!" Dara       : "Yeah, it's near our school. How about you, Min? Do you have any plan?" Yasmine : "I think i'm going to have a vacation in some small island around Papua, Raja                     Ampat. But unicorn ice cream store sounds exciting. I think i'll visit it too" Achmad : "By the way... What about yours Dara?…

You got my back

I feel terrible, The most desperate situation I’ve been in it
When I was in 9th grade My mother said “You have to be focus because this is your last chance to study very well so you have to move to Kota Baru” and the I said okay because in Kota Baru there’s no wifi or any facilities that I need to refresh my mind except Cycling, go to park, or play video games so that I have to go to school and go back home all by myself except it's more than 8. One day after I taking my last class in my course, I am panically run to the bus station and then wait for the bus after I get into the bus 05.00 clock because the road is boring, the music is fun but my mood is bad so I feel asleep because on that day I have a physics subject, Try out national exam and additional lesson in my course. From Bandung to Kota Baru it cost 8 thousand rupiah and a 2 hours trip. I fell asleep till the bus stop on it’s own headquarters.  HOW LUCKY I AM the bus headquarters is’nt in Bandung so the bus driver wake me u…

Stranger Become Friend

One day in an airport…
Achmad               : “Hi, where will you go?” Dara                     : “Hello, I will go to Bandung, and you?” Achmad               : “Really? Me too! What plane are you on?” Dara                     : “I’m on Fivelas plane.” Achmad               : “For God sake? We are on the same plane!” Dara                     : “By the way, what’s your name? Mine is Dara” Achmad               : “I’m Achmad.”
*announcement:  “Attention please, passenger of Fivelas plane on flight number FP842 please proceed to the aircraft.”
Dara                     : “Hey listen! It’s time for us to get in the plane.” Achmad               : “Sure, let’s go!”
 *in the plane*
Achmad               : “What is your seat number?” Dara                     : “I’m on E8. How about you?” Achmad               : “Mine is E9.” Dara                     : “Those are our seat!” *pointing* Achmad               : “You are right Dara!”
Dara                     : “What will you do in Bandung?” Achma…